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Welcome to Reserva Las Corrientes

Where caring for our environment is essential.

Welcome to Reserva Las Corrientes, located in San Rafael, Antioquia. It is an 8-hectare natural private reserve nestled within the stunning landscapes of San Rafael, Antioquia, Colombia. We are registered as a "Reserva Nacional de la Sociedad Civil Colombiana" with National Natural Parks organization (PNN). Prepare to be immersed in the awe-inspiring wonders of our pristine Natural Native Forest, where the air hums with the vibrant energy of hundreds of species of fauna and flora. As you explore our Reserva, you'll witness nature's magnificent tapestry unfold before your eyes. With our passionate commitment to conservation, we have planted 1000 native trees, transforming once-barren areas into flourishing havens of life. Join us on this exhilarating journey and experience the wonders of Reserva Las Corrientes.

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